Deep Blu Womyn Company

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Launched in June of 2014, the company was born of YahNé’s commitment to making a difference and helping others in the quest to do the same. Our priorities are improving the immediate and future reality of people – individuals, families, and communities – and of the planet.

Our Clients Are Our Partners

Our clients, who we consider our partners in our insistence to be change makers, are activists, community organizers, community organizations, elected officials, and small businesses – individuals and institutions that are intentional about making the world better, as well as individuals, organizations, and companies who are striving to understand and transcend implicit bias and the ways they, like all of us, contribute to or represent oppression in their inward and outward facing work.

Some of our Partners:


Although the company only launched in June of 2014, Deep Blu Womyn Company has already developed dozens of marches and rallies across the country, bringing together crowds of thousands at a time. We have supported several successful electoral campaigns and brought attention to the issues undermining election justice.  <br Through our work we helped raise over $1M for a community park redevelopment, raised over $20k in funds to redevelop the grounds of a local elementary school, developed a scholarship program which provided the first ever $5000 scholarship to a grad student of color to Bennington College’s Master of Fine Arts Writing Program, provided guidance, direction and branding services to several new organizations, businesses and campaigns, and produced free events that serviced thousands from a range of backgrounds in a variety of cities including Philadelphia, PA, San Diego, CA, Los Angeles, CA, New York, NY, Washington, DC, and Helena, MT.  Attendees have ranged in ages from infancy to seniors, included every race, various religious backgrounds and a variety of mental capacities. We coordinated volunteers at many events, including high and college school students, adults and seniors.

YahNé Ndgo
Chief Visionary Officer