Originally from the Yakama Nation in rural “White Swan” and “Harrah, WA”, Felicia Teter (she/her/hers) earned her Bachelors degree from Dartmouth College and currently resides in occupied Lenapehoking territory (so-called “Philadelphia”).

Felicia serves as the Social Media Director at the Poor Peoples Economic Human Rights Campaign, and as a Diversity & Equity consultant working with various non-profit organizations and causes. She is also an organizer working for Black, Indigenous, & Brown liberation with various groups in Philadelphia including Indigenous 215, Philly for REAL Justice, and the Womanist Working Collective. She co-founded and is co-chair of Indigenous Peoples in Philadelphia, a community group for Native-identifying people from around the globe to gather, share, and build community and solidarity. In addition, she is a member of the United Nations Indigenous Youth Council, the Philadelphia Food Policy Advisory Council on Urban Agriculture, and the Philadelphia Food Policy Advisory Council on Anti-Hunger, and served as a New Hampshire Bernie delegate to the 2016 Democratic National Convention.

Felicia leads workshops and trainings on a variety of social justice related topics including anti-oppression, disability awareness, community building & outreach, and building Indigenous- and Black-centered spaces of liberation, even in allied spaces. Past titles have included: From Ally to Accomplice: Building an AntiOppressive Movement; Professorship 101: Creating a Disability-Aware Classroom; and A Guide to Indigenize Your Classroom. Her work in Standing Rock, as a student activist, and as an Indigenous and Black, queer, femme voice has led her to be sought out for a wide range of speaking events including The Poor Peoples Campaign, Post-Landfill Action Network’s Students for Zero Waste annual conference, and introducing Senator Bernie Sanders during a campaign stop for his presidential run.

Felicia identifies as Black, Yakama, queer, disabled, poor, cis, femme, & “well-educated” (according to classist, racist standards). Through her work, she aims to create spaces where people are able to show up as their full selves, living and working in communities where they feel heard, valued, respected, and appreciated. She believes that is it up to us to build a world in which all can strive, and we must work toward building this world every day, in every way— in the classroom, in the workplace, at home, with friends, at church, in restaurants, on the street, and wherever else we may find ourselves.

In her work with Deep Blu Womyn Company, Felicia specializes in:
Community Development, Projects, & Campaigns
Anti-Oppression Consulting & Training
Liberation Coaching