Anti-Oppression Consulting & Training


Implicit bias affects us all. While we may be guilty of actions and language that is impacted by our biases, we needn’t have shame. We will help you learn to listen better, deepen your understanding of the historic, cultural and systemic background that creates these biases, and adopt ways to overcome them.

We approach our work with positive assumptions and a faith in humanity that enables us to create an environment in which people can feel safe being honest and vulnerable, knowing that the sincerity of their effort will supersede any mistakes they may make.

Here’s how:

Lectures & Talks
We offer lectures and talks that are tailored to the community to which we will be speaking. We are eager to understand the goals related to our being scheduled to present. We are, at the same time, uncompromising in our commitment to speaking genuinely from knowledge that our studies and experiences have afforded us.
Assessments & Solutions
Our process for assessing how our partner is embodying and imposing oppression can be intensive, particularly with a large community, business, or organization. It can include extensive interviews, reviews of policies and practices, and an examination of the corporate culture. It requires a commitment to honesty, a willingness to be confronted with great discomfort, and a collection of open minds. Conclusions are delivered with approaches that can be taken to directly counter, control and diminish the ways oppression manifest in that space.
Workshops & Retreats
Workshops and retreats are a space in which the conclusion of assessments and the solutions can be delivered and examined. They can also be stand alone experiences, and workshops can be offered in a series in which assessment is wrapped into the ongoing process. These are offered in response to the specific needs of each partner.


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