Community Development, Projects, & Campaigns


Let’s Build! We are available to help you develop the right project for your community based goals, and to manage it through completion while helping you to build or to reinforce your connection to the people you’re working for – as a collaborator and not a rescuer.

We bring decades of experience in community organizing and community development, and in community and electoral campaigns. We offer the insight, wisdom, and skills that are born of that experience, combining it with innovation, creativity, and passion to help individuals, groups, organizations, and companies to reach their goals to have a meaningful, respectful impact on target issues or communities.

Here’s how:

Community Development
Often the most under-resourced communities are diamond fields waiting to be revealed. Much of the human resources needed to transform realities are in place, but overwhelmed. A considerate, compassionate, value based approach to finding transformative solutions can be the difference between an over policed or gentrified community and one that is revitalized. We help our partners be revitalizers.
Community Projects
Issues that affect groups of individuals or the planet have to be tackled actively. We help identify quantifiable, achievable goals and support or nurture projects that move effectively toward achievement of those goals, staying within the capacity of our partners, but often helping partners realize where and how they may have capacity that is untapped.
We see campaigning is a specific approach to the accomplishment of a social or political goal that includes broad ranging community contact and focused messaging. We use our experience and expertise to support and manage campaigns, tapping, also into our broad network of powerhouse GSD activists. In election campaigns we encourage courageousness in the development of platforms and policy, and bring strategy around tactics and messaging that supports such courage.


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