Liberation Coaching


It’s time to pursue goals outside of the influence of capital. We are our best as individuals and a society when we drive ourselves, our organizations, and our businesses forward toward goals that are based on purpose, passion, and connection rather than fear, survival or individualism.

Often we make decisions based on rules and expectations established generically, that do not benefit our goals specifically. The choice to co-create the rules by which we operate, and to meet expectations that we make based on our own standards is easy in theory, but can be a challenge to put into practice. We will show you the way.

Here’s how:

One on One Coaching
We are not taught in our society how to move forward in our lives in a way that honors who we are as individuals. We are born with gifts to contribute to the world, and over life we develop a sense of purpose that relates to those gifts and the community we connect to, to whom we are to compelled to contribute. Through coaching, individuals learn how to identify and embrace their desires, and to forge a path toward their purpose, overcoming the fears that financial needs and social expectations impose.
Group Sessions
In workshops we learn to identify the thinking and resulting actions that limit us, just as we do in one on one coaching. Instead of delving into the specifics of each individual’s goals and the barriers they place in getting to them, we learn to see patterns. Much of our fear and scarcity based decision making is reflective of our larger social culture. As we help each other see how we are falling into traps that enslave us, we gain a more nuanced ability to recognize those same behaviors in ourselves.


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