About Me


Writer & Singer YahNé Ndgo (she/her/hers) is one of the visionaries building a global off-the-grid network of villages and communities with advocates from around the world based on the principles like that of Ubuntu – “I am because you are.” 

YahNé’s lifetime of activism began in grade two, when she supported 4th-6th grade special-education students. She tutored as an adolescent and teen, and dismantled her neighborhood drug corner, introducing the boys to educational and work opportunities. While in Temple University’s undergraduate honors program, she volunteered at William Penn High for two years. 

She began her professional life at 18, working with at-risk students, then coaching and empowering people with limited resources, running programs funded by The William Penn Foundation, The Philadelphia Foundation, and The School District of Philadelphia among others. She began volunteer programs in local schools, including in her Germantown community, where she initiated the community development corporation Germantown United after leading the protest of an unwanted development. 

YahNé worked with local elected officials and organizations to increase constituent empowerment, worked as the Outreach Coordinator of a State Representative, and helped reinvigorate Vernon Park, transforming a once dangerous local park, into one that hosts a Black Writer’s Museum and a plethora of activities, priming the park to receive over $1M in renovations. 

YahNé is an active member of Black Lives Matter Philly and the Outreach Coordinator and a member of the Coordinating Committee for the Black Alliance for Peace, and works in partnership with other organizers toward Black and Indigenous solidarity. Majoring in African American Studies and Education at Temple and New York Universities, working in her ongoing commitment to improving individual’s lives, activating in a variety of communities, and organizing with radical liberation workers combined to provide the education that drives YahNé’s Anti-oppression work. She has been flown all over the U.S. and abroad to perform workshops, speak in seminar and at rallies, meetings, organizations and universities, and for interviews, and has addressed individuals in the global peace and justice community from all over the world. In her work with Deep Blu Womyn Company, YahNé specializes in: