I had heard about and respected YahNé’s uncompromising activism and her devotion to true freedom for all, so I’ve always approached my contact with her as an educational opportunity.

YahNé has a deep understanding of the power of positive public spaces within a community. She brings unique vision and creativity in cultivating events and programming that are accessible, engaging and generative that resonate with the folks in attendance and the space itself. She is an excellent partner and collaborator, and our neighborhood park is a better place—for all—as a result of her tireless work and joyful spirit.

YahNé listened deeply and coached me through various transitional moments in my evolution. She has been a wise counsel in my time of need. I recommend her for anyone needing a sharp, objective lens.

With the branding and coaching support from Deep Blu Womyn Company, my siblings and I fulfilled our dream to start a business in Germantown, the neighborhood we grew up in.

YahNé coached me through the process of taking my new business, Brooke Alexandria Laser Spa, from a dream to an actual brick and mortar spa!