With the branding and coaching support from Deep Blu Womyn Company, my siblings and I fulfilled our dream to start a business in Germantown, the neighborhood we grew up in. In 2015 we opened a storefront, Showroom Furniture and Collectibles, offering quality pre-owned furniture and small appliances to low income families with free delivery anywhere in Philadelphia.

From the start, Deep Blu Womyn Company was there to guide us step by step. YahNé was instrumental in helping us establish our business – both the development of internal systems and how we engaged the community. She and her team also designed our logo, designed and delivered all print media (flyers, receipts, business cards, and promotional and marketing materials), and consulted on our awning – which made our store stand out among the other businesses on the street. YahNé also connected us to local business services and business support programs to local events at which we could announce our new store – to a slew of community based supports. Deep Blu Womyn Company is an ideal partner because they invest as if your project is their own.
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Al Robinson

Designation: Owner, Showroom Furniture and Collectibles