YahNé coached me through the process of taking my new business, Brooke Alexandria Laser Spa, from a dream to an actual brick and mortar spa! She supported me through every step of the process, giving me the encouragement I needed, advising me about how to organize and prioritize details to help me accomplish goals and tasks that needed to be completed in a timely fashion to help develop my business and my brand, and keeping me calm when I would freak out! With my brand she made detailed contributions to the logo, stationary, business card and other graphics for promotions and built my my website, balaserspa.com With her encouragement, I was very active in building my website, which is why it’s exactly what I wanted. She listened to my ideas and was willing to make changes throughout the process no matter how trivial they were. YahNé also helped me to believe in my inner strength and channel any fears into positively energy.

During this process I never felt like a client, she included me in every aspect of the process. I was highly informed, an equal contributor even with my website. Even now, she encourages me to make updates and changes to my website myself, and coaches me through the process whenever I need it.
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Erica Adams

Designation: Owner, Brooke Alexandria Laser Spa