Always Remember

Language Matters

YahNé presents the lecture: "The Power of The Word: Metaphors have Murdered and They Can Murder Again" at Bennington College.

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Clergy Must Address

Doctrine of Discovery

Felicia calls on clergy to address the inequity perpetuated through religion at a Poor People's Campaign rally in Harrisburg, PA

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Indigenous Peoples Day

With Indigenous sisters in Hollywood. The 2nd Monday in October is Indigenous Peoples Day. All change starts with the people.

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Representing Authenticity

Introducing Bernie

Speaking truth to progressives, Felicia introduces Bernie Sanders at a rally during the presidential race in Lebanon, NH.

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Truth To Power

Speaking To The Issues

YahNé debates on CNN about issues and compromise and where each fits into the politics of the 2016 Presidential primary.

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Indigenous Resistance

Mni Wiconi

Indigenous Resistance in the streets during the Native Nations Rise march in Washington DC.

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Its Up To Us

Designing Democracy

At the DNC in Philly, YahNé discusses the importance of democracy in practice. More than an ideal, we must manifest.

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Standing in Hope

With Bernie Sanders

New Hampshire Delegate Felicia Teter joins super volunteers fighting alongside Bernie Sanders during his presidential run.

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The Planet Needs US

Its Time To Win

Discussing the issue of Environmental Racism and Electoral Politics at Macalaster University in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

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We Demand

Democracy Now

Felicia explains to Democracy Now why she and hundreds of Sanders delegates walked out of the Democratic National Convention.

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About Us

We Are Here For You!

Deep Blu Womyn Company is an organization with a focus on Liberation. Freedom today is a concept highly promoted, and yet absolutely foreign to most. We work to liberate individuals, groups, organizations, and companies from the shackles of fear, capitalism, and othering, that manifests in our oppression of each other and ourselves.

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Unique Opportunities

Born Of A Unique Approach

Let's Build! We are available to help you develop the right project for your community based goals, and to manage it through completion while helping you to build or reinforce your connection to the people you're working for - not as a rescuer, but as a collaborator.

Implicit bias affects us all. While we may be guilty of actions and language that is impacted by our biases, we needn't have shame. We will help you learn to listen better, deepen your understanding of the historic, cultural and systemic background that creates these biases, and adopt ways to overcome them.

Words and images have the power to enrich and affirm or to alienate and diminish. Whether building your website or developing your logo, we can help you review or develop a brand that expresses who you are in a way that invites your target audience and honors everyone.

It’s time to pursue goals outside of the influence of capital. We are our best as individuals and a society when we drive ourselves, our organizations, and our businesses forward toward goals that are based on purpose, passion, and connection rather than fear, survival or individualism. We will show you the way.

The Team

Bringing Love To Hard Work

Felicia and YahNé met at Standing Rock. They bonded over their frustrations of ways that Indigenous concerns and history were decentralized even in that Indigenous centered space by those who considered themselve allies. Their mutual commitment to Black and Indigenous liberation, and their understanding that our liberation is key to liberation for all, secured that bond and transformed it into collaborative work. The trust, built through collaboration, in each other's uncompromising approach to this work, and the deep love that guides them, is what made them a team. YahNé is a cis straight Black woman, Felicia is a cis queer Black and Yakama (Indigenous) woman. Living and spending years confronting white supremacy in their bodies deeply informs their experience and their work.


See What Our Partners Have To Say!

I had heard about and respected YahNé's uncompromising activism and her devotion to true freedom for all, so I’ve always approached my contact with her...

Kara Tennis
Designation: Producer, Justice Jewelry

YahNé has a deep understanding of the power of positive public spaces within a community. She brings unique vision and creativity in cultivating events and...

Angela Miles
Designation: President, Friends of Vernon Park

YahNé listened deeply and coached me through various transitional moments in my evolution. She has been a wise counsel in my time of need. I...

LaChrisha Brown
Designation: Actor, Waldorf Inspired Educator

With the branding and coaching support from Deep Blu Womyn Company, my siblings and I fulfilled our dream to start a business in Germantown, the...

Al Robinson
Designation: Owner, Showroom Furniture and Collectibles

YahNé coached me through the process of taking my new business, Brooke Alexandria Laser Spa, from a dream to an actual brick and mortar spa!

Erica Adams
Designation: Owner, Brooke Alexandria Laser Spa