Deep Blu Womyn Company launched in June of 2014. It is a company of artists who in addition to their creative acumen have strong practical and administrative expertise. The founder, YahNé Ndgo Baker, understands what artists require, particularly financially and temporally. Artists need to have the freedom of time to build their creative strengths, explore creative inspirations, and produce their creative products , and they need resources. Often, artists secure the finances necessary to survive and to accomplish their artistic goals through traditional employment. Many therefore develop skills that are of high value in the professional world. YahNé realized that artistic excellence and administrative/practical mastery combine well to generate stellar, stand out products and services, solutions, experiences, plans and products – be they traditional or unique and unorthodox. YahNé thus determined to provide her clientele access to artists as contractors , functioning as a project manager while partnering with artists to offer an exciting combination of skills to individuals, businesses, organizations, and officials. In addition, YahNé has created a structure of support around the artistic ventures of these artists, so that their art becomes more and more viable as a primary accessor to resources.

The Founder

YahNé Ndgo herself has a Master of Fine Arts in Writing and Literature, and is a singer and performer. She has performed in and produced hundreds of shows over the last thirty years predominantly in Philadelphia and New York, but also in Chicago, DC, New Jersey, Atlanta, Vermont, California and Delaware. She was an original Black Lilly performer, on stage in Wetlands in New York weekly and then again with regularity when it came to Philadelphia.  She has performed with notable artists including but not limited to Jill Scott, The Roots,  India Airie, Erykah Badu, and Ursula Rucker, and graced the stage with literary artists including, but also not limited to Philadelphia Poet Laureate Sonia Sanchez, the late Lucille Clifton, the late Amiri Baraka, Philip Lopate, Erica Hunt, Major Jackson, and Thomas Sayers Ellis.

The Collective

The other artists included in and associated with Deep Blu Womyn Company in an administrative capacity include Tieshka Smith, Photographer and Grants Expert, Angela Miles, Craft Artist and Graphic Designer,  Mecca Bey, Hip Hop Artist and Web Design and Social Media Specialist, and Ryva Parker, Photographer, DJ, Marketing Specialist, and Event Producer.  There are additionally artists who perform artistic services only, including musical, craft, performance, and fine artists, whose talents are marketed and sub-contracted by the company.

The Development Team

A Full Stack Web Development Arm has been developed that enables Deep Blu Womyn Company to produce web applications that range from a basic website to a full social media machine. The team works on company and client projects.

Our Work

The experiences, programs, and projects developed by Deep Blu Womyn Company fall into two categories: company projects and client projects. The latter are projects completed through consulting services for outside organizations. Company projects are those completed by individuals in the collective with collective support, or those completed by the overarching company with a designated team.


Although the company only launched in June of 2014, Deep Blu Womyn Company has already provided services for a variety of clients including Councilwoman Cindy Bass, State Representative Stephen Kinsey, The Black Writer’s Museum, The Illadelph Allstars, Kindred the Family Soul, The Coalition Against Mass Incarceration, Black Men Eliminating Negativity, The Kelly Green Project and Hansberry Garden, Friends of Vernon Park, Bennington College, Showroom Furniture and Collectibles, Nicetown CDC, Gtown Restoration CDC, Allegheny West, Bringing Everybody Together, Third Floor Media, and SOL. Through our work we have raised over $20k in funds to redevelop the grounds of a local elementary school, developed a scholarship program which provided the first ever $5000 scholarship to a grad student of color to Bennington College’s Master of Fine Arts Writing Program, provided guidance, direction and branding services to several new organizations and campaigns, and produced free events that serviced thousands from a range of backgrounds, predominantly in Philadelphia.  Attendees ranged in ages from infancy to seniors, included every race represented in Philadelphia, various religious backgrounds and a variety of mental capacities. We coordinated volunteers at every event, including high school students, adults and seniors.