Countdown to Germantown Day (Flyer, front and back) Countdown to Germantown Day was held on April 6, 2013, exactly 6 months prior to the 330 year Anniversary of the founding of Germantown (October 6, 1683). This event served as a community gathering celebrating Germantown’s past, present, and future and was organized on behalf of the Friends of Vernon Park. Countdown to G-Day modeled the power of unifying by bringing as many varied Germantown organizations together in its production.  The event was free and open to the public, encouraging old and new residents, neighbors, children, history buffs and visitors to join in celebrating the rich history and positive future of Germantown. Participants received a map of Historic Germantown, superimposed to scale all within the borders of Vernon Park. For example, the “Johnson House” tent was more north and west of the “Wyck” tent in the Park. Historic sites and items of interest were noted, and visitors walked through history without leaving the Park’s borders. Historic sites each had tents and tables set up, with representatives sharing artifacts, storytelling, myth-busting, information and anything else with visitors. The goal was to engage and educate visitors and instill senses of pride for and stewardship of Germantown, celebrate our many historic sites and their legacies, and inspire participants to visit the sites individually in order to get a “full experience” of each place and how it ties into the whole. This event succeeded because of the collaboration with Historic Germantown and other community organizations, local artists, such as painters, photographers and musicians, and local businesses.  In addition to representation of the Historic Sites, there were tents with children’s activities, performing arts, video and photographic recording of community members and an area where the event’s visitors labeled photographs of local lots and vacant buildings with their ideas about what these spaces could become that would make a positive impact on Germantown. This last idea was inspired by Candy Chang’s conceptual art/urban planning initiatives in New Orleans and around the world, where residents are given creative ways to voice their vision for their neighborhoods.