Let's Build! We are available to help you develop the right project for your community based goals, and to manage it through completion while supporting or helping you reinforce your connection to the people you're working for.

Implicit bias affects us all. While we may be guilty of actions and language that is impacted by our biases, we needn't have shame. We can learn to listen better, deepen our understanding of the historic, cultural and systemic background that creates these biases, and adopt ways to overcome them.

Words and images have the power to enrich and affirm or to alienate and diminish. We can help you review or develop a brand that expresses who you are in a way that invites your target audience and honors everyone.

It’s time to pursue goals outside of the influence of capital, to drive ourselves, our organizations, and our businesses forward toward goals that are based on purpose and passion rather than fear, survival or the individualism of capitalism. We will show you the way.

Substantive Change

We help develop and implement programming and activities that address problems, generate change, and transform lives.

Our Best Reflected

We use the power of words and images to empower and uplift. We help you to be a force of positivity and optimism.

Community Impact

Acknowledging our failures is key to generating meaningful successes. We help you identify how you can be the change.

Purpose Realized

Every person and entity is born for a reason. We help you identify and remove your obstacles so you can see that reason manifested.

Our Core Attributes

The Qualities That Guide Us

We have been engaged in this work for decades, learning through education and through trials, refining our understanding of the problems and solutions.

We come from the communities that are most oppressed. We have "skin in the game" so to speak, and a commitment to ensuring the guidance we offer makes a true difference.

More than anything else we engage in this work because of the impact we want to see and make in the world. That genuine desire is what drives everything we do.

We know that we are all connected. We know that the best and the worst that we see and experience from each other are a reflection of our global self.

We choose to believe that when people come to do this work, they too, are geniune. We challenge, build, and grow together while believing in each other.

We trust and are trusted. We honor our commitments, we keep our confidences. We create environments that allow people to show their ugliness without fear so their greater beauty can shine.

We understand that all that comes from a person is a reflection of that which was put in them, and to what they have been exposed. We have all been programmed by the same system.

We believe the best part of what we bring is our own humanity, including our fallibility and our imperfections that allow us to hear you and to embrace you.

The core driving force behind our work, the energy that brought us into activism, the truth that keeps us in the struggle, is the love we have for the life that surrounds us all.